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The way you meet the challenges of your customers is exemplary. But are you just as good at dealing with your own challenges, especially when your financial scope is limited and you need to act quickly? No problem – thanks to solutions that suit you perfectly.

You may be in charge of a digital agency that needs to finance new laptops. Maybe you run a travel agency and are thinking about leasing furniture. Or you have just opened a fitness studio that you need to fill with equipment. Whatever services you provide, they all have one thing in common: an absolute focus on the customer. So why shouldn’t the same be true of your financing solutions?

Solutions that are made for you. Solutions that are available quickly – and that work. Solutions with the friendly face of your personal advisor. Find out why we are the right partner for you.

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As customer-focused as you are

Why choose us? The answer is simple: we are service providers ourselves – and have been since 1978. We know how important it is to make quick decisions; to keep up with the needs of your customers; to grow alongside them; and sometimes even to surpass yourself. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? Talk to us and enjoy the benefits of our expertise in meeting the needs of service providers.

What do you have planned?

Perfectly equipped

Servers, laptops or modern software – you don’t have to buy them all the time. Just lease them. That way, you can respond more flexibly to customer needs when you’re in the midst of dynamic growth. Not only that, but your equipment is always state-of-the-art, too.

Think bigger, grow bigger

If you have big plans, don’t let financial worries hold you back. Get the freedom you need to make important investments. Choose the GRENKE Master Rent Agreement and lease your dream assets at preferential terms.

Respond to new developments

It might be impossible to predict the future, but not to respond appropriately to whatever it throws at you. Make sure you’re always at the cutting edge of technology – whether it comes to new work or new customer requirements. Lease state-of-the-art IT hardware, audiovisual technology and much more with Classic Rent.


Your needs are unique, and so is our financial consulting.

Do you have a very special request? Let’s talk about it. Just write an email to [email protected] and we will get back to you soon.

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