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Whether you are a locksmith, a painter or a fitter – as a craftsman you need solutions that reduce your office hours and financial worries. Solutions that GRENKE can offer.

As different as the job profiles in the crafts industry may be, they all have similar requirements from a commercial perspective. This aspect is still a part of things, but in an ideal world, it should just be taking care of itself in the background without interfering in the core business. GRENKE can really take the burden off your shoulders in this respect.

We provide support in the form of made-to-measure financing solutions so that shipbuilders can focus entirely on designing the perfect keel, interior designers can devote their attentions to furnishing trends and orthopaedic technicians can spend their time ensuring optimum ergonomics. And our financial consulting services are tailored to your crafts business. Because we know our business as well as you do yours. 

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Ensuring that your crafts also turn a profit

Your craft business may well be your calling. But as rewarding as the work may be, it won’t be a success if you don’t earn money. We’re there to help if you’re looking for a way of investing in your business now without putting too much strain on your financial buffer. One of these ways is tool leasing – with tailored financial consulting for crafts and suitable products.

What would you like to do?

Finance your next step

Have you been running your own workshop for years and want to grow? If you don’t want to reach your financial limits too quickly, simply lease workshop tools, machinery and more with GRENKE.

When your industry is re-inventing itself

Do you work in the electrical engineering industry? Or in another industry with similarly short innovation cycles? A Master Lease Agreement is your perfect leasing option if you don’t want to be constantly faced with financial obstacles every time you come to upgrade your equipment.

Faster financing equals better financing

Do you need a specific piece of equipment to implement an innovation in your production process? Classic Lease allows you to finance even the most capital-intensive investments  and consistently retain your cutting edge.


Your needs are unique, and so is our financial consulting.

Do you have a very special request? Let’s talk about it. Just write an email to [email protected] and we will get back to you soon.

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